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Ceremony Date(Required)
Ceremony Time of Day
Where you can be reached on the day of the wedding.
Please Note: In order for your guests to hear the ceremony, a microphone is required for 40+ guests. Hands free is necessary so if it’s a hand-held microphone – a stand is required. A lapel mic or headset is fine - Talk to your DJ.
Men's Wear
(First/Middle/Last Names & where she will be located immediately prior to the ceremony)
(First/Middle/Last Names & where we will meet just prior to the ceremony)

Groom instructions: Be sure to see your Wedding Officiant 15 minutes prior to the ceremony, in order to follow his/her instructions, give her the Marriage License

Do you want the Officiant to ask: “Who presents (Bride’s Name) to be married to (Groom’s name)?”
If so, it’s important that this person stay with us at the front through the welcome. They may be seated after the question is asked and they have answered (I do, We do, Her family and I do, etc)

Wedding Party

When Applicable – His instructions: Be sure to have the Bride’s ring unless there are ring bearers.
When Applicable – His instructions: Be sure to have the Groom’s ring unless there are ring bearers.
Additional Note for small weddings: We encourage the bride to walk out separately, even if it is just the Groom and Officiant waiting for her at the Wedding Site.

With Groomsman?
With Groomsman?
With Groomsman?
Will Ring Bearer have the real rings?

Customizations include: Mother’s Presentation (Couple provides the flowers); Engagement Ring Ceremony; Additional Blessings such as Unity Candle, Unity Sand (Candles and/or vessels provided by the couple), Children/StepChildren (Vows, Presentation, Poem); Any Other Preferences; A hard copy of the written ceremony to keep

Ceremony Choice
(Happy to discuss this in detail – It’s Your Day ~ Your Way!)
Are you writing your own Vows?

The Officiant will determine where they are read during the ceremony.

(i.e. No camera phones; To include name of any additional help, such as someone passing out materials/programs, etc.)
Is the Bride taking the Groom’s Last Name

Waiting Fees: A Perfect Witness will allow a 30-minute grace period from the time scheduled above. After which, you have agreed, prior to the Ceremony, to pay a $50 late fee in cash to the Officiant for each additional half hour delay.

* This Checklist can be a great Communications Tool *

Thank you for taking the time and effort to make copies of it and distribute to all the members of your bridal party and other participants whose instructions are included herein, as well as the D.J., Photographer or Facilities Staff responsible for participating or helping with your ceremony