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Notary Services


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Notary Services

Please note, by law, a notary cannot provide documents to be notarized, or fill in documents, or practice law

Acknowledgements – certifying that a signer personally appeared, was positively identified, and acknowledged signing the document


Jurats – certifying the signing of a document in the Notary’s presence and taking an Oath or Affirmation (affidavits, depositions, etc.)


Oath or Affirmation – spoken pledge and solemn promise to a Supreme Being (oath) or on one’s

own honor (affirmation)


Swearing in onsite for telephone testimony


Protests – certifying that a negotiable instrument or a written promise to pay was not honored

(presentment and certificate of nonpayment dishonored)


Certified copies – attesting to the trueness of a copy (e.g., diploma, FL driver’s license, vehicle title,

Social Security card, medical record, passport, bill of sale, contract, lease) Vital records—birth and

death certificates and deeds not allowed.


Inventorying a Safe-Deposit Box – certifying the contents


VIN verification – for older used vehicles with an A/B ownership form issued by FL Department of

Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, by physical inspection. Not for newer cars.


Civil marriages – solemnizing the marriage of a couple with a valid marriage license

(see Wedding Officiants)


Documents going out of state or out of the country almost always require embossing. If this is your situation, make sure the Notary will bring an embosser. Florida law requires only a black ink stamp for notarization. Embossing is optional and most FL Notaries do not carry an embosser. We always do.



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