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Receive your choice of a CD that can help you plan and record things that will be valuable in your future.


Choose either CD:

Home Inventory

A 2 CD kit that makes it easy to itemize and make a record of everything you own. An inventory will help you make an insurance claim resulting from fire, robbery or other unplanned tragedy. Record your ownership deeds, personal documents and financial records for handy review and updating. Make a record of the property you each bring to your marriage and inherit or purchase once married. Very handy and valuable.

The Time of Your Life

Made famous by the creative genius of Canadian Patricia Williams, this CD was originally published as a book of questions for recording the answers that will help you live on as a real personality when your children and grandchildren ask, “What was Grandma like?” You can shape your story by writing the answers yourself, by being interviewed by your children and grandchildren. You can record your answers on paper, CD, video or audio cassette tape. The magic is in the questions.

To qualify: Pay your wedding ceremony deposit and request your CD. While supplies last.